Tongue Tied Objection Flashcards

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“I’m not interested.”

“Send me some information.”

“We don't have any budget left.”

"We have that covered."

"I'm not responsible for that."

“We have a vendor.”

“This isn’t a priority now.”

If you're selling something, you hear these objections all the time.

If you could hit pause, and think about how you'd respond, you’d nail it.

But you can't. There's no time in the moment. Prospects put you on the spot and you get tongue tied.

And the only way to fix that is to get your reps in ahead of time. Practice. Drill. Make responses second nature.

Flashcards are quick, succinct, and portable. No charger required!

That got me thinking.

What if you could practice defusing objections the same way?

Now you can.

It's called Tongue Tied. A set of 34 objection flashcards.

Objection on the front. What to say on the back.

Practice daily. Anywhere.

Soon you’ll be feeling like “hey, I got this”. You’ll know your lines, you’ll feel more confident and a sense of calm will set in whenever prospects put you on the spot. 


Has anyone else given Josh Braun’s tounge tied flash cards a go?

Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing!

My personal fav is ‘is this a cold call?’…

I want this!

34 Physical Objection Flashcards (Shipped) AND How to Say It MP3s (Download)

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Tongue Tied Objection Flashcards

52 ratings
I want this!